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Friday, November 9, 2012

Chango for Conquering all Conditions!

High power conquering and controlling for any condition. This African King was rich and loved by many women.

Chàngó (Shango, Xango) is the orisha of lightening, dance, thunder, power, passion, and sensuality. He is the epitome of all things masculine, and the dispenser of vengeance on behalf of the wronged. He has the power to win wars, defeat enemies, and gain power over others. He will ensure victory over all difficulties. Chàngó is believed to have once been a Yoruban king; thus, he must be treated as such. According to Yoruba and Vodou belief systems, Chàngó hurls bolts of lightning at the people chosen to be his followers, leaving behind imprints of stone axe blade on the Earth's crust. These blades can be seen easily after heavy rains. Worship of Chàngó gives you a great deal of power and selfcontrol. Chàngó altars often contain a carved figure of a woman holding a gift to the god with a double-bladed axe sticking up from her head.

Areas of Influence: Power, defeat enemies, victory, sensuality, virility, justice, protection, magick, Fire, lightning, thunder, drumming, legal matters, male health problems, finding a husband or wife, good luck, bring money, new job.

These pendants, when worn or carried, and anointed with the oil provided give power to any situation or problem. They will help give you that super boost & breakthrough that you've been waiting for. Comes with a red flannel carrying bag, 24 inch black neck rope, and easy directions for use.

*14k Gold Plated and beautiful! Check them out here.

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