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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I love to observe people

I love to people watch. I do it in my store, on the street, in malls and stores, and really everywhere people are (legally). People are entertaining being:

funny, stupid, innocent, goofy, grumpy, and plain mean and hateful. All the traits of the seven dwarfs and then some. Sometimes I just cannot figure how people can be so diverse in their attitudes and actions.

I saw a homeless person that has recently been hanging around Broad Street during the day. She is a Caucasian woman of around 45 years old. I have seen her in several of the usual hangouts on the street. The place that sells beer and wine, the lottery store, and the corner. The first day I saw her she asked me if I had $2.00 to help her. I replied, "No I don't, have a safe night."

Here is the incident I observed leaving my store on Saturday 26th of November 2011 that has me questioning how controlling do you have to be to be so kind.

I locked the door to the store and headed for my car. Across the street I saw the homeless woman on the sidewalk. She was facing north and there were no people in front of her on the sidewalk all the way to the end of the street. Unbeknowest to her a large proabaly six feet plus African American was walking toward her rapidly. I thought to myself "this looks suspicious." The man stepped in front of her and reached into his jacket pocket. Pulling out a rather large green apple he presented it to her saying, "here have this to eat." Quickly the lady held up her arm and with her hand strecthed out like a policeman stopping traffic and replied, "I DON'T WANT IT." The man strecthed out his arm a second time saying, "go on take it" and was met with the reply, "NO!"
Well this large man with good intentions must have decided that she really needed it so he reached out and shoved it onto her stack of clothing she had piled in her lap. He promptly turned and walked away.
The woman was mad! She grabbed the apple and with all her might, she threw it at the man. She only threw it five feet and it rolled by him as he walked away. Upon seeing the apple rolling past him with bits of peel flying into the air, the man scooped up the apple and turned to look at the lady. She quickly shouted, I DON'T WANT YOUR F***#+! apple! His reply was quick. Like a baseball pitcher he wound up and delivered a fast ball (apple ball) towards the lady. It was not a strike, it was a little low and when the apple struck it explode into pieces against her wheel chair and covered her with bits from head to toe.
I shouted out to the man, "REALLY???" and he replied, "I tried to give her the apple and she threw it at me!" "Really?????" I said, as I walked away toward my car shaking my head in disbelief.

I'm still shaking my head from side to side trying to figure out the whole incident.

Monday, October 31, 2011

We have so many lawyers buying this candle you would not believe. The funny thing is they say it is a gag gift but we have many that order on a regular basis so I figure they really use them. Burn Make Lawyer Stupid 50 Hour Candle 2 days before consulting with an attorney or going to court. Write your wishes regarding the pending case on parchment paper and place beneath the candle. Light the Candle and let burn until it is completely out. Take the parchment paper you had written your request on and carry it with you the day of your court case or meeting.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Magickal Charms

Magickal Charms
An Amulet is an object which has intrinsic power to give protection to its wearer, whereas a Talisman is specifically made to achieve a particular purpose. Amulets give protection by absorbing negative energies, while Talismans work by generating a positive force to achieve their objective. Both work like self-charging solar batteries and are constructed in a way which links them with the appropriate planetary force concerned for the intention. Amulets and Talismans have been worn by people of almost every culture right up to the present. Even today millions of people throughout the world who claim to have no time for all this Magickal nonsense happily wear their crucifix or St. Christopher or Star of David - all of which are types of Amulets worn for Magickal protection. This category consists of three product lines: Key of Solomon Talismans, Medieval Fortune Charms, and Star Charms.
Our Key of Solomon Talismans are faithfully reproduced from the Key of Solomon, the famous book of Magickal Law reputed to have been written by King Solomon himself 3,000 years ago. Medieval Fortune Charms originate from Poland and were worn by medieval Knights as Amulets around the neck, on belts, or used on pieces of parchment. They are made of brass and copper and supplied with a leather hanging thong. The Star Charms line is an eclectic collection of authentic Talismans and Amulets from a wide number of cultures and sources.
All pieces are made of brass and copper. Retail price is $19.95 each and are currently available in our store. They will be added to our website shortly.

Friday, October 7, 2011