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Friday, November 9, 2012

Chango for Conquering all Conditions!

High power conquering and controlling for any condition. This African King was rich and loved by many women.

Chàngó (Shango, Xango) is the orisha of lightening, dance, thunder, power, passion, and sensuality. He is the epitome of all things masculine, and the dispenser of vengeance on behalf of the wronged. He has the power to win wars, defeat enemies, and gain power over others. He will ensure victory over all difficulties. Chàngó is believed to have once been a Yoruban king; thus, he must be treated as such. According to Yoruba and Vodou belief systems, Chàngó hurls bolts of lightning at the people chosen to be his followers, leaving behind imprints of stone axe blade on the Earth's crust. These blades can be seen easily after heavy rains. Worship of Chàngó gives you a great deal of power and selfcontrol. Chàngó altars often contain a carved figure of a woman holding a gift to the god with a double-bladed axe sticking up from her head.

Areas of Influence: Power, defeat enemies, victory, sensuality, virility, justice, protection, magick, Fire, lightning, thunder, drumming, legal matters, male health problems, finding a husband or wife, good luck, bring money, new job.

These pendants, when worn or carried, and anointed with the oil provided give power to any situation or problem. They will help give you that super boost & breakthrough that you've been waiting for. Comes with a red flannel carrying bag, 24 inch black neck rope, and easy directions for use.

*14k Gold Plated and beautiful! Check them out here.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pagan Calendar for today:

Tue, August 21, 12am – Wed, August 22, 12am
Annually on August 21
PPD Pagan Calendar
The Consuales Ludi or Consualia is a festival which honors Consus, the god of counsel, and the one who protects the harvest which is in storage at the time of the festival, which took place about the middle of Sextilis (see 21 August). According to Livy the festival honors Neptune. The harvest grains were stored in underground vaults, and the temple of Consus was also underground. This shrine was covered with earth all year and was only uncovered for this one day. Mars, as a protector of the harvest, was also honored on this day, as were the lares, the household gods that individual families held sacred. During the celebration horses, mules, and asses were exempted from all labour, and were led through the streets adorned with garlands and flowers. Chariot races were held this day in the Circus Maximus, which included an odd race in which chariots were pulled by mules. On this day the rape of the Sabine women took place under Romulus. Seeing a need to increase the population of Rome, Romulus authorized each Roman to forcibly take women from the visiting Sabines as their wives, but only as appropriate to their social status. A war to avenge this insult was avoided when the kidnapped Sabine women intervened and voluntarily accepted their Roman husbands, who had been careful to treat them honorably. Some say, however, that Romulus only regulated and re-instituted them after they had been before established by Evander. There were also sacrifices to Consus on 7 July and 15 December. Consus' feasts were followed by those of the related goddess Ops: the Opiconsivia on 25 August and the Opalia on 19 December.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


An Amulet is an object which has intrinsic power to give protection to its wearer, whereas a Talisman is specifically made to achieve a particular purpose. Amulets give protection by absorbing negative energies, while Talismans work by generating a positive force to achieve their objective. Both work like self charging solar batteries and are constructed in a way which links them with the appropriate planetary force concerned for the intention. Amulets and Talismans have been worn by people of almost every culture right up to the present. Even today millions of people throughout the world who claim to have no time for all this Magickal nonsense happily wear their crucifix or St. Christopher or Star of David - all of which are types of Amulets worn for Magickal protection. This category consists of three product lines: Key of Solomon Talismans, Medieval Fortune Charms, and Star Charms.

Our Key of Solomon Talismans are faithfully reproduced from the Key of Solomon, the famous book of Magickal Law reputed to have been written by King Solomon himself 3,000 years ago. Medieval Fortune Charms originate from Poland and were worn by medieval Knights as Amulets around the neck, on belts, or used on pieces of parchment. They are made of brass and copper and supplied with a leather hanging thong. The Star Charms line is an eclectic collection of authentic Talismans and Amulets from a wide number of cultures and sources. All pieces are made of brass and copper.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dedicated to my wife for mother’s day 2012


     I just finished assisting a customer that has shopped here for years.  During our conversation she said, "I have a confession to make to you."  We'll I thought, maybe she took something without paying, previously.  Maybe, we put something in her bag that she did not want or did not belong to her.  There are several more maybes but I won't bore you with what goes through a retail owner's mind.
    She says to me, " I could never tell you this before.  But now that I'm grown and more spiritual, I can tell you now." She told me that she has been shopping here with first her grandmother and then her mother, since she was 3 years old. (She looked to me to be in her 30's).  She said,” When I was a little girl I can remember the time I came into the store and saw you.” “I thought you were the most gorgeous person I’d ever seen.”  
       I started blushing and smiling.  Beverly (our reader) who was standing by me laughed in her special way and as she walked away she said I needed to stop doing what I was doing cause all the women are coming onto you the last few weeks.
      Well, this woman of the Watts family goes on to tell me that she would get in trouble every time she came into the store.  She would stare and stare and stare at me the whole time her family shopped. Her mother and grandmother would scold her and said, “it’s not polite to stare.”  She laughed and said, I still think you are really good looking!” (Blush, blush).
        I said, “ What you just said really makes me mad!  The same thing happened at my tenth year, high school reunion.  All these girls told me that they had a crush on me.”  I said, “Why didn’t all these people tell me way back then???”
       I don’t know about my looks but I’m flattered.  About what Beverly said, “you better stop doing what you are doing cause all the women are coming on to you the last few weeks.”  What I do know is that I enjoy listening to people, I always have.  I try to listen and understand where they are coming from and what’s going on with them at this period of time.  
       This last year has been very good for me.  The store, website, mail order, and shows have been very rewarding.  I’m in a really good spot and as happy as ever.  My family is healthy, and happy and growing.
     I am thankful for all this!  Most of this I have been able to enjoy because of my wife Debbie.  We have been together since high school.  We will be celebrating our thirty-seventh wedding anniversary this year.  She is a great mother to our children and a wonderfully happy, new grandmother.  I thank her for sticking by me all these years and helping me to understand how wonderful life can be!
To all of you that I have encountered on this journey, thank you for the sharing of your experience, with mine.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Casting Spells

Spell Casting can be as varied and diverse as the person that practices magic.  However, there are a few things that every magic practitioner can do to obtain the optimal results from their work…
Tips For Casting Spells
There are many things which will contribute to a success or failure of a spell. Any of the following, or a combination of the following can help you in your spell casting.

  1. The Moon phase
    The proper Moon phase is one of the keys to success in Spell casting. Just as a farmer may plant his seeds or how fish spawn on the full moon during the full moon, a full moon can help you with your spells, but some spells work better on other phases of the moon. Selecting the right moon phase is sometimes easier then others.
    There are 4 phases of the moon, and each phase lasts for 7 days. For example many people think the ‘Full Moon’ phases is only one night, but they are wrong, the ‘Full Moon’ is actually the 3 days, the day of, and the 3 days after the date where the moon is the fullest. The following are the phases:
    • New Moon – During this phase spells which get rid of things will have the best success rates.
    • Waxing Moon – During this phase spells which gain things (money, hair, etc) will be at their peak.
    • Full Moon – All magic is much more powerful on the night of the full moon, during this phase spells which deal with power and magical energies will be at their strongest.
    • Waning Moon – During this phase spells which deal with the doing away of destruction of things will work best.
  2. The proper materials and supplies 
    You must use the correct ingredients. For example do not use a green candle in a love spell, use a red one. Keep the green candle for money spells. All the ingredients for all the spells may be purchased from our online store, or you may try to find the items in your local shops or elsewhere online.
    Magical ingredients also have a greater effect when they have already had a charmed spell placed on them.
  3. The mental condition of the Practitioner 
    When casting a spell you must be focused on the spell, the target, and the emotions of the spell. When casting a love spell you must have love in your heart, not hatred. Likewise when casting a hex you must have hatred for the person you are casting the spell on. If you are in a happy mood an exil spell will not work. You must also believe completely in the spell and the power of magic.
  4. The experience of the Practitioner 
    The more experience you have with magic, the greater the effect of the spell you will cast. If all you do is cast a spell once a month you will not be able to cast powerful spells. You must cast many spells and become familiar with the feel of magic before you are able to control it fully.
    Too often people get frustrated after only casting one or two spells and give up on magic. Usually it will take a few times for a spell to work successfully for new spell casters. This will quickly vanish though, once you have cast a single spell correctly, casting other spells becomes easier.
  5. The Magical Energy built up by the Practitioner 
    There are many spells and rituals which will build up your magical energy and power. It is best to practice magic by casting this type of spell. This way you get more experience, but at the same time you are building your magical powers. The more magical energy you have built up, the more powerful your spells will be, this is very important when casting spells against others who also have built up their magical powers.
  6. Your belief in the magic you are working 
    You must believe in the spell you are casting. If you do not believe the spell can not possibly work. Magic is not a game or a toy to play with. You must commit yourself to magic and the powers of it when casting spells.
  7. The will of the Universe 
    No matter how good your ingredients are, how much power you have, you can not change the will of the universe.
  8. The right Spell 
    Obviously. If a spell doesn’t work for you it may be the wrong spell, or it may be the right spell but any of the above other things like the moon phase, your mood, the ingredients or something off may be off. Keep a notebook of all the spells you have cast, when and where and where you got the ingredients. This way you will know which spells work best for you
via  Thank you for allowing me to share your insight.

Friday, January 20, 2012

It's been a long time comming

I just sent out our catalog for 2012. It was a labor. A labor of love that took about 6 months. Now I find the errors that I was looking for. No biggy I'll fix them next year.
I added 16 new pages of merchandise for this year. Roughly about 2000 extra items were added. I'm gonna pat myself on the back right now, excuse me........... OK I'm back. In our store we have approximately 15,000 items ( types and sizes) for sale and in the catalog we have about 5000 items listed. Online we have about 8,000 items listed. Whew.

Our store is divided into 3 different websites. One is and it covers most of our old fashion patent medicines, homeopathic remedies, natural vitamins and supplements, herbs, skin care, and more. The second is it comprises our Hoodoo, Voodoo, curios, root, herbs, jewelry and cultural products. There are too many categories to mention here but you get the idea. And the third (our new adventure) is our drop-ship program with some of the most respected companies in the business. Botanic Choice and Starlinks Jewelry, 1000's of quality merchandise with great guaranties. Please use our links to go to their sites and check them out. All their items can be bought at or through our links and I invite you to check them out. I know the prices are great.
If you order from us and we do not have your item in stock we will ship our items separately and you will receive an email of when both orders are shipped with tracking numbers from the other companies. There will be no extra fees involved on your part.

I hope this makes it easier for you to satisfy your needs and desires. Let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, complaints, or if I can assist you in any matter.

Best regards till next time....