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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Monkey’s Paw by Richard Miller

 ******this is quite the opposite of the horror story published in 1902 by W.W. Jacobs

For over 45 years, we have searched high and low around the world to obtain whatever our clients desire (as long as it is legal).  In the early 80’s, we had requests for monkeys paws. Some people asked for a Gorilla or Chimpanzee hand. Knowing this was inhumane and illegal we researched what people wanted it for and what they could use as a substitute.  We found that in South America many tribes used the paws of small monkeys for good luck rituals.  Some were used as offerings to their Gods and some were used to make Totems and Spiritual Potions. However, this was still not the answer to our needs.

One of our employees was visiting a part of America where hunting and trapping was still prevalent.  After befriending some local folks, he discovered what the people of that area knew - there was an animal that had a paw that appeared to be similar to a monkeys paw but was not of primate origin.  Not only that, the locals used it much like one uses a rabbit's foot or a Monkey’s Paw. Furthermore, it was a nuisance animal. It was not native to the area and it was being hunted to extermination so that the native animals were not threatened.  Yes, it was a win-win for everyone (except… well you know).
So, we put the South American Ritual together with this paw and the rest is history.  Ok, so now you are thinking, “so what makes this such a potent lucky piece?” You didn’t know I was going to quote you by reading your mind, did ya? Well the answer is this:  In this mystical world, it is not what we know that thrills, enchants, moves, and guides us to grow.  It is the possibility of choice and chance, need and thought, hope and energy, mind power and positive force that imparts to and from the source of our observations.  And thus, for those who can manifest the best in a charm can manifest success in themselves.  Get 1 or 2 today, I guarantee you will be happy with the results.
Later I’ll share with you the existence of this once plentiful animal.

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