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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back from Tasmania!

Hello to all,

I am back from my trip to Tasmania. The Australian lifestyle is something to admire.  There is a calm, relaxed, have fun sense-ability they have that gives off a mellowness I enjoyed.  The flight from Atlanta to Hobart is about 30 hours long (with layovers).  It takes a toll on your body (bottom) but it is a great opportunity to catch up on reading.

I was glad to take along several books to re-read.  My mind is so full of (it) stuff that it really needs a defrag, but that's a different story.  In re-reading a book I enjoy skimming over the parts I remember and then concentrating on parts I forgot or missed.  I can go through many books that way on a flight.

I reread the above book for several reasons.  One is that it has such good information that is authentic. The information is vast and covers so many of the day to day needs of the reader.  Many of the people that read this book ask me questions about it as they pick up their supplies. I like to be somewhat knowledgeable about what I sell so I try to read as many books over and over again  as I can. I also like the author and carry all her books in my store and online.  

I have had a wonderful experience with Denise over the last several years and our synergy has branched out to help many people seeking this type of information. 

I urge you to read and reread whatever books you have.  You never know when that tidbit of information will be needed and if it is fresh in your mind, well KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Best Regards,
Doc Miller

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