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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Australia's Successful Antarctic Blue Whale Voyage

As a proud father I am posting this link. My son Dr. Brian Miller (yes the same one who at 13 years old -1993- built our first web store) has had tremendous success with his expedition to find Blue Whales. See for yourself. Video — Australian Antarctic Division

Lead marine mammal acoustician, Dr Brian Miller, said Antarctic blues have a very deep and resonating song which can be picked up hundreds of kilometres across the Southern Ocean.
“The acousticians made 626 hours recordings in the sample area, with 26,545 calls of Antarctic blue whale analysed in real time. The researchers were then able to triangulate the position of the whales from their vocalisations and direct the ship to the target area,” Dr Miller said.
“A team in a small boat was then deployed to gather skin biopsies and photo identifications from the whales,” he said. Read more...


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