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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Reel in the New and Clear out the Old with Magickal Floor Washes

Happy New Year to everyone from Medicines and Curios! 

One of the best ways to make room for the best things the new year has to offer is to do a thorough home cleansing at the beginning of the year. This includes using a magickal floor wash. Medicines and Curios carries a wide selection of such floor washes at affordable prices so anyone can do this and reap the benefits.

How you use a floor wash depends on what you want to accomplish. There are two rules of thumb: 1) to get rid of something, wash out the door or back to front and 2) to draw something in, wash in the door or front to back.

To perform a floor wash to get rid of negativity, remove obstacles and open roads, start at the back of your home at the top floor from the back of each room out, taking care to get all corners of the room. Some people will start at the top of the walls and wash down, but that’s not really necessary (nor practical for most folks) unless you are doing a most thorough wash. Proceed to the next room until you have cleansed all rooms in this fashion. Then wash down the stairs and begin again from the back of your home. When you get to the front door, wash the doorstep and your front porch if you have one. Pour the leftover water to the east.

In addition to using a floor wash to cleanse your home, it is important to clear your home of clutter. At the very least clear your doorway of clutter inside and out. There has to be some way for energy to flow and somewhere for it to flow.

After a cleansing you can light a white candle in the main room of your home. You can place four glasses of water in the four corners of the room and leave then there for three days. Some people will use eggs in the same fashion. These things will absorb any residual negative energy.

Best Times of Day and Month for Cleansings

The traditional time for taking a spiritual bath is at or right before dawn. Some folks pay attention to the moon phases for enhancing the power of their cleansings. For example, when the desired result is to remove a condition or obstacles and open roads, then performing the cleansing during a waning moon is ideal. If the goal is to draw something to you, then a waxing moon is ideal. A full moon is ideal for harnessing all of the power of the moon towards a desired goal. However, a cleansing can be done any time the need arises, so don’t wait until morning comes if there is an urgent need.

Disposal of Leftover Water
The disposal of leftover bath water varies. Probably the most common method of disposal is tossing the remains towards the east at sunrise. However, there are other, more specific ways of disposing water that has been used in a cleansing.

Disposal towards a cardinal direction: To the East for drawing and growing; to the West for repelling and reversing: To the North for left-handed works; To the South for blessings, especially from the Ancestors.

Disposal in running water: To run off or remove a condition

Tossed towards spellcaster: To return a conjure to a conjurer

Transferred to a stranger: To get rid of a condition without regard for who ends up with it, or to intentionally target a person. The condition is transferred via the principle of contagious magic. Leftover floor washes or bath water are poured onto the sidewalk or somewhere someone else will walk over it; thus, “catching” the condition and carrying it away from you and your home.

Dispersed in the air: To diffuse a situation.

To peruse our selection floor washes, please visit the Floor Washes and Floor Sweeps pages of the website.

 Happy cleansing!

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