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Friday, June 17, 2011

Miller's Mysteries From Forty-six Years of Retailing

My name is Richard and I have been working at Miller's Rexall since I was 12 years old!
Miller’s was established in 1965 by Dr.Donald Miller( yes, my uncle). The independent Pharmacy and retail business competed with other national chains in the downtown Atlanta area. First year sales covered all expenses and Donald was very happy. Being an astute businessman "Doc" (as he is lovingly called) realized that he could not compete with the chains for long and started looking for that special niche to make the store a success for the long haul. Over the ensuing years Miller’s has grown and prospered. The niche was simple to find. Just get the customer whatever they wanted, educate yourself about the product, and provide it at a reasonable price. That's it. That's how it worked. And that's how it's working today.

Throughout this blog I will share the many fascinating stories that I have experienced, and share the unique perspective I have gained over the last 46 years. I'll share the products we tried, the way they work, and why it has been a success for my family. By sharing my personal thoughts, feelings, and favorite things with you I hope to share the wonders of "being blessed" with a very satisfying "job" and a wonderful life.

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