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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spider web

A Rainy Day in Georgia

I just looked out the store window and saw it raining....again, and that's a good thing. Hopefully it will continue for some time.

At the front door of the store, there are some cobwebs. In most retail shops one would not expect to see cobwebs. It is not attractive to most shoppers. Here however it is a reminder to me as the starting point of my journey through natural cures, old fashion medicine, roots and herbs, and spirituality. Back in 1965 I was working here as a stock boy. My first job was to remove everything from each shelf, dust it and the shelf, then replace it. I thought ...what a chore and what a waste of time. I did not realize that Doc Miller had a specific lesson for me to learn. After a few Saturdays, I knew where everything was. I knew how the arrangement of the store fitted into the philosophy of the business. And from reading labels as I dusted I started learning what everything was intended to achieve.

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